"Well, there's no question that you can't enter the Kingdom of God... if you're practicing homosexuality."

John MacArthur on Larry King Live
Another great exchange:
PATRICK SAMMON (Log Cabin Republicans): Reverend, as a Catholic, I’m really offended listening to you. You’re so busy looking for specific words in the Bible that you actually miss the message of the Gospel. We’re supposed to love each other and love ourselves and love each other. And you’re really missing the core mission of the Gospel.
JOHN MACARTHUR: Well, let me tell you this, that I have no problem loving you. I have no problem expressing that love to you, and my message of love to you as a friend who cares about you, is that, if you are a homosexual, Jesus Christ can forgive that sin just like he forgave all my sins, and he can forgive you and give you eternal life in heaven through his death and resurrection. And that’s the message of the Gospel.

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