"America’s major social institutions . . . are heavily invested in advancing a divisive paradigm that demonizes men just for being men"

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I would phrase it in two ways.  First, if there is no amount of evidence that will convince portions of the "feminist" left that the case against Brett Kavanaugh would never be brought to court by a real prosecutor, then I as a possible juror am going to take into account the fact that in their minds, the cases are not falsifiable--and hence not provable.  Yes, real victims are going to hurt if exonerating evidence is ignored, as was the case with Kavanaugh.

Second, if Democrats are so in favor of protecting the victims of sexual assault, please explain their 2016 Presidential candidate to me.  Hilliary didn't just stand by her man when he was accused of adultery and sex crimes; she was hugely involved in his bimbo eruptions team.  Also, if Democrats are on the side of victims, please explain their stance towards Teddy Kennedy to me.

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