InterVarsity to Dismiss Employees Who Support Gay Marriage

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I've seen IV accused of compromising on things, and it's sobering that they had to do a four year study to figure out the Scriptures don't exactly approve of homosexuality and the like.  Seriously?  So while I approve of the move, I have to wonder whether this means they have some very big, very deep problems in their organization.

Hope I'm off base here, and it's just a way of making sure people who "snuck in" are less likely to stay and cause problems.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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The statement Jim linked to from IVP is pathetic, moronic, cowardly and meaningless. The opponents of Biblical Christianity are not afraid to speak their mind. Why are Christian organizations so afraid to stand on this issue? How foolish. The time for gentlemanly disagreement over tea and biscuits in the drawing room are over. In fact, there never was such a time.

IVP, please, buy yourself a life and some genuine moral conviction. I hear they're both on clearance at Amazon, if you hurry now. Put the biscuits back in their tin, dump the tea into the fire, and become passionate about the Gospel and it's necessary implications for the Christian life.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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Notice Matthew Vines, no friend to Biblical sexual ethics, ain't buying it.  And he seems to know specific examples of people who have been let go by IV for this kind of thing.  This could get yucky, though entertaining for the enemies of God.

I was really hoping y'all would prove me off base.  No kidding, and sigh. 

My daughter's experience with IV is that there are clear signs that it's hurting badly--they did not welcome her at all.  And of course I'm biased, but it says something when people don't welcome a really pretty, sweet young lady.  (she got that part from my wife, of course)

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Given the latest revelation of Trump's comments caught on the hot mike from 10 years ago, I think you might as well start calling Hillary Madame President.

So, how long until Christians start going to jail on the issue of opposing same-sex marriage and acceptance?