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I really appreciated Don's thoughts on this one.  I'd have said so at his blog, but I try to maintain a more antagonistic persona over there.  :D

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However, the New Testament concept of the church teaches that the church is still the church whether assembled or not. That is true of my local church. We don’t cease to be who we are when we go home on Sunday afternoon. In a sense, I think this is true because through the unity of the Spirit, we are always assembled.

I'm wondering how this might relate to Multi site churches. Isn't one of the arguments against Multi site that they are not together in the same place at the same time and therefore shouldn't be considered an ekklesia? 

I'm not disagreeing with the essay, just trying to see how the definition might relate to the current trend of Multi site churches.

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The accurate interpretation of ecclesia in the NT usage is simple. A congregation or an assembly of people, called out people. Called out of the world/eon and into the Kingdom that has been preached. An assembly or congregation, not of this world., but of a people that have been called out to serve and to worship.