Peter Enns: "10 Reasons Why I Don’t Give up on Fundamentalists (including the not nice ones)"

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Hits my ear as condescending, patronizing.

Where does the Bible teach that human beings are "of infinite worth?" It is because, in spite of our worthlessness, Christ would die for us that makes His decision to save any of us so, well, Christlike (Romans 5:6-8).

Donn R Arms

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I found this patronizing too. It seemed to emphasize his own magnanimous nature instead of fairly analyzing what fundamentalism adds to the larger body of Christ that other groups don't.

Self-righteousness and martyr's complexes aren't becoming of any one, liberal or conservative.

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I remembered the Piper thread too--but Enns would probably classify Piper as a fundamentalist himself. Smile I just can't get over how Enns' list is a backhanded expression of "despite how terrible they are, I'm willing to love them" while Piper seemed to recognize (although sometimes disagree with) the points of difference but understand how they could be strengths as well.