"People within evangelicalism desperately want to question the very foundations that made evangelicalism what it is"

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Having been in ministry for over 30 years where I have had the opportunity to co-minister with practically every stripe of evangelical at one time or another, may I pose an observation?

In very broad brush terms, the questioning young evangelicals portrayed in this article as wanting to "discuss" all those meaningful things aren't as interested in discussing to ascertain absolute truth as they are in "lawyering" the matters at hand.

Just an observation. I'm sure there are many exceptions.


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I agree with Lee. I believe that most of the young Evangelicals in that article probably think that the Church's doctrines and traditions are outdated(e.g. absolute truth, sola scriptura, definition of marriage, authority of the church, eternal damnation, etc), and they want to find ways to make the Church more modern, to be more attractive to non-believers.

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Enns speaks as a fool in my estimation. He imagines that such questions have not been approached and if they have, apparently they have deficient answers but worse that the expected novice, unsure, inquisitive and naive mind of youth is a virtue to lead us instead of that which is in need of definition and certainty from and by their elders. I smell an opportunist, a Pied Piper who knowingly speaks to immature ears to gain an audience seeing he has lost a size of a former audience. I find an instinctively but as well, deliberate , distrust of Enns.