In the midst of controversy, Dinesh D’Souza steps down as president of The King’s College

(He doesn’t get it!!!) (link above)

CORRECTION: Due to a premature press release from The King’s College, Mr. D’Souza was quoted saying “[his actions] have not been consistent with the standard of leadership required for the position of president at The King’s College, and have created a distraction that would make it difficult, if not impossible, to continue in my role without adversely affecting the students and school I have grown to love.” This quotation was drafted by a press officer and not said or approved by Mr. D’Souza himself. King’s has attempted to correct the error but the erroneous quotation has been picked by some media.

His actual statement:

I am grateful for the past two years that I have spent as president of The King’s College. But now it is time to move on. My resignation will enable The King’s College to go forward without distraction. And it will also enable me to address personal matters in my life as well as to pursue new opportunities made possible by success of my recent book and film

2 years into his separation and suddenly World Magazine is following him around conferences?!? It takes a phone call to confirm if the hotel was full or not - what fool would admit something he is not asked about?

One of these is (are) lying.

Jealousy (covet) is a dangerous game and so is gossip.

A cheap shot is a cheap shot.