Heady Summer, Fateful Fall for Dinesh D’Souza, a Conservative Firebrand

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From the article:

"And in 2012, Mr. D’Souza abruptly resigned as president of King’s College, a Christian school in Manhattan, after it surfaced that he was involved with a woman who was not his wife."

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Harvey A. Silverglate, a lawyer and outspoken critic of law enforcement, explains that on a normal day, the average American does three things that could be deemed felonies “by some ambitious Department of Justice prosecutor.”

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I'm not troubled by D'Souza's conviction for campaign law fraud, but rather by how it would be difficult, if not impossible, for the Department of Justice to find that out without violating the 4th Amendment.   Unless someone fessed up while being investigated for something else, all you've got is three or four bank transactions that are not allowed to be queried by FEC and DOJ investigators without a reason to look at them.   I'm surprised that someone as smart as D'Souza didn't make an issue of that one.

Selective enforcement, sure, but in my mind, it's not terribly surprising that a Catholic man unfaithful to his wife while heading a nominally evangelical Protestant school might think he could snake around the law in this way.  

We "fundagelicals" need to be a little bit more discriminating about those we allow to speak for us and lead us.  I actually (seeing other threads about D'Souza) just sent my pastor a note regarding the behavior of a former member of "The Gospel Coalition" who resigned rather than rescind an invitation to monist and prosperity theologian T.D. Jakes.  (that was among the more benign behavior of the man, actually) Quite frankly, it almost seems to be the rule rather than the exception that those who attain great success also do so via rather "snaky" methods, and we've got to be watching out for that.

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