Worship Breakthrough: Contemporary Meets Relevant

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Bob Kauflin wrote:
I’m not assuming that the churches this video parodies don’t practice the sacraments. I am asking if in the midst of making our meetings creative, relevant, fresh, and inspiring we think we have better ideas than the Lord himself of the best ways to remember his death and resurrection.

Bob, can we use the same argument replacing "best ways to remember..." with "best ways to worship"?

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To be honest I haven't had much personal experience with contemporary worship and prefer a traditional style. A short time ago I was asked to preach at 3 services at a local church. The first two services were contemporary and the third traditional. The contemporary services weren't personally objectionable but when I saw this video for the first time it was typical of those services. I even shared it with some of my friends who were in those services and they agreed that this is sometimes the contemporary liturgy.

"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan

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and nearly spewed my coffee all over the keyboard. It's Ok, though- it was my third cup so I don't need anymore caffeine. But my oh my- that was hilarious.

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I'm sure someone will do an IFB liturgy parody soon... probably show up on Stuff Fundies Like.
There is plenty to ridicule in the "traditional" IFB anti-liturgy liturgy.

(But I'm already planning to say this "Contemporvant" one is funnier.)

Did you catch the awards at the end?