First Baptist Church of Hammond: "a quarter of the church's staff estimated to be let go"

Layoffs hit First Baptist Church of Hammond

  • $1 million annual mortgage payment
  • $16 million remaining to pay
  • Radio station reduced to 1 employee
  • Donations are down 10 percent from last year
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As time goes on it will be interesting to parallel FBC's journey with that of New Life Church.  They have not participated in the Outreach Magazine's large church survey for the last few years so you can't tell where attendance is currently. 

A couple of observations. After approximately 6 months giving had declined by 10% attendance had dropped by 15%. They layoffs 15% of their staff.  I was somewhat surprised to see that the staff numbered 350 which seemed high for a church of 14,000.  I would have expected it to be in the 200's.  Do we know what the staff numbers are for FBC?  A couple of unknowns, it appears that New Life was pretty healthy before the scandal and FBC may not have been.

Path forward New Life was pretty intentional on the senior pastor search and landed well viewing it through the lens of their ministry.  Also keep in mind they had the added trauma of the shootings.


A couple of thoughts.