First Baptist Church Hammond: John Wilkerson was selected by a vote of 94 percent. He will begin serving as pastor Feb. 17.

Finally FBC got it right. Pastor Wilkerson is a very humble, and godly man. He’s not loud, flashy, and in your face like the former pastors at FBC. He will lead by listening, teaching, preaching, serving and discipling (sp). Even though I am not of the same “stripe” as FBC Hammond, I have watched and observed Pastor Wilkerson over the years while we ministered in California and know that he will do a tremendous job as their new pastor.

After 50 years of “loud, flashy, and in your face” will the people accept this guy? They are used to being pushed around without being allowed to question it. They have been trained to train preachers to be just like the Jacks. In their philosophy of ministry this is right because it works, pragmatism.

Some would call it “confident, bold and assertive”.