Religion plays major role in Iowa caucuses

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If Romney's Mormonism is troubling to "evangelicals" and disqualifies him, then why is Santorum's Catholicism not equally troubling?

Donn R Arms

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I'm caucusing for Santorum over against Romney and the others not because of his religious views but because of his views on political, economic, and social issues. If Romney had the same views as Santorum (without the history of flip-flopping), his Mormonism would not be a disqualifier for me. Although I must say that all other things being equal I would rather vote for a Catholic than a Mormon...but all things are not equal.

Greg Long, Ed.D. (SBTS)

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Grace Church, Des Moines, IA

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Religion is not the issue. If it were, then Bachmann, Perry, or Paul would have won the "evangelical" vote. Societal values were a big issue. That is why Santorum essentially tied Romney for first.