Mugged by Ultrasound

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We just finished 15 hours of training for a group of volunteers that's interested in serving at our Pregnancy Center. At one point this morning, we had to cover abortion procedures. The consultant asked volunteers to read each description, and no one could get through the whole paragraph. I looked around the room and could see that every woman was struggling against tears; some were nauseated; all were horrified. And the very next reaction was anger.

At that point, I encouraged our volunteers to begin to pray for those abortionists who either facilitate or provide abortions in our city and/or in our state. Many of those abortion providers will realize what they're doing and will then have to deal with unimaginable horrors of guilt. Others will never acknowledge what they're doing and will stand before God one day with thousands of murders on their conscience. Either way, they are in desperate need of the grace of God, and we need to see them in that light. (And to pray that they will turn from darkness to light.)

As a Pregnancy Center director, I am encouraged by the news that ultrasounds and other technological means are serving to confront abortion providers with an opportunity to turn away from their work. I am also thankful that we have volunteers who are trained and ready to serve the 1:3 women who have already gone through the pain of an abortion and desperately need to know the grace and forgiveness of Jesus. His grace is enough.