Student Loan Debt and the American Academic Obsession

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As one who is 100% committed to Christian education at all levels -- but whose enthusiasm has been informed by life's realities -- this article is a good reminder of some basic truths. "The borrower is servant to the lender."
How many times have we heard: "Whatever you spend on education, you will make it all back."
That may be true in medicine or law, but not in many professions. In ministry or theology, it is highly unlikely.
I would personally counsel the majority of young people to take a year off, work, mature and set a financial plan before going to college and/or take all the classes they can at community college (at much cheaper costs) while doing so.
Also, hunt for scholarships as if your life depended on it -- do not take the word of the college you are looking at if they tell you that "nobody really does that..."

Church Ministries Representative, serving in the Midwest, for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry