David Barton is wrong

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Throckmorton and Coulter's critique appears to be very thorough. The problem is that is that it's a bit too long and dense to get a thoughtful read from most Barton fans. A big part of the Barton appeal is analogous to the Limbaugh appeal. How does he put it--"making the complex understandable." But he uses this in reference to what he (a) doesn't fully understand himself and (b) has not just simplified but distorted.

(Not that he isn't right a good bit of the time too... I'm still talking about Limbaugh. I don't really know how often Barton is right. But what I've seen of his "godly heritage" idea is full of confusion.)

Throckmorton and Coulter should make a dramatic, flashy video and call it something like "The Jefferson Secrets THEY Don't Want You to Know!" That might work better.

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Unfortunately refuting statements that Barton makes requires going in depth. He likes to proof texts and anachronisms, and just like biblical versions of these errors, historians have to go in depth to put it straight. 

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Yeah, that's sort of what I meant. You said it more nicely. 

I think my first comment was a bit grumpy and arrogant... and insulting to Limbaugh and/or Barton fans, which is like millions of people.

The reality is that not everybody has time to research everything. So we're forced to decide what areas of life we'll take on someone else's authority. And then we're forced to decide who we trust.

From that standpoint, there are reasons to prefer Limbaugh and Barton to many of the alternatives!

All the same, I wish the folks called to simplify and shorten things for the busy masses would do their homework more diligently.