"I think the science (and Elon Musk) shows that smoking even one joint begins to impair judgment."

Can Christians use legal weed? (in 500 words) - Cripplegate

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This is a topic that churches, pastors, and Christians as a whole are going to need to educate themselves on, know what they believe, and why they believe it. Most likely, once Jeff Sessions is no longer A.G., we will see the federal prohibitions against weed fall. 

Over three years ago, I wrote a post about this. I was going to share it here, but after rereading it, I've realized that it desperately needs to be rewritten - both from a writing standpoint and from a theology standpoint. I'm going to make that post private, and then work on a new one explaining why I believe that the recreational use of marijuana by Christians is prohibited by Scriptures.

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The things I've heard indicate that the commercially available marijuana out there very often has an amazingly high dosage of THC--I've seen estimates (can't prove) that the THC weight is a huge portion of the leaf itself.  And if that is true, it would be tough to stay in the "merry" stage and out of the "strongly intoxicated" stage.  

You might say that one could smoke a joint of low THC ditchweed or something, but the appeal of inhaling a brush fire escapes me.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Ryan Martin, pastor of First Baptist Church of Granite Falls, MN has written a paper on the subject. Contact him if you would like a copy.