Legalized Marijuana

Pew: Religious Americans are less likely to endorse legal marijuana for recreational use

"The vast majority of adults in the United States support allowing marijuana to some extent, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. But opinions about whether and under what circumstances marijuana should be legal vary by Americans’ religious identity and their levels of religious commitment." - Pew

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LifeWay Research: Most pastors oppose marijuana use, legalization

"Mainline pastors (43 percent) are also more likely to believe marijuana should be legalized for any purpose than evangelical pastors (10 percent). Denominationally, Methodist (37 percent) and Presbyterian Reformed (35 percent) pastors are more likely to back legalization than Restorationist movement pastors [Christian/Church of Christ] (21 percent), Lutherans (15 percent), Pentecostals (10 percent) and Baptists (7 percent)." - LifeWay

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