Ignorance of the nature of boys is real and widespread

"Feminists are the cause of the predicament boys and men face by successfully selling the false narrative that men are, and always have been, women's greatest enemies." - Suzanne Venker

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That's a rather simplistic and binary assessment.  If you don't think there is an agenda driven by post-modern philosophies embraced by multiple social reconstruction efforts which is dismantling traditional masculinity and male role models (among other "oppressive subsets"), then you are naive.


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....after her divorce, my mother understandably (abuse was involved, I saw physical) subscribed to Ms. Magazine for a while afterwards.  It was something of a catharsis for her.  However, when my stepdad came along and showed her how a man ought to cherish, provide for, and protect a woman, she dropped the subscription.  In the same way, many of the 19th century feminists were ones who had either lost a lot (emotionally, financially, etc..) to men who drank away the family substance (it was linked with Prohibition for a reason), or to laws which prohibited women from managing their own property.  My grandmother's family actually got the farmland my brother and cousin still own for a song from the "executor" for a widow of a police officer.  I am not sure whether the widow got a fair price, to put it mildly.  I doubt it, to be honest.  (I still have the purchase documents)

And while there are definitely some people pushing an agenda for that agenda's sake, I would guess that there are an awful lot of people who would say "why exactly would I want that?" when approached with various modern feminist agendas.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I don’t deny there is an agenda being pushed, I just don’t assign it as “the cause” for the breakdown of modern masculinity. Fatherless homes and poor parenting (particularly by fathers) has led to a decline in virtuous masculinity and an increase in so-called toxic masculinity.

What the feminist agenda pushes is that all types of violence, aggression, competiveness, and stoicism are toxic.  That’s clearly not true, but a father is the one who should be teaching his son the difference between bad violence and good violence, etc