The 52nd anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist church bombing

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Is anyone here *ahem* old enough to recall this happening?  Was it mentioned or discussed in your home or church?

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My Dad was a news hound, but of course the news was different then. He subscribed to 2 daily papers, Life Magazine, and Newsweek. 

I basically only read the comics and the sports pages from the papers. But was fairly engaged with Life and Newsweek. The magazines were kept for years (why?)

Here is the Newsweek cover (source):


Remember it? Yes

Significance of it? No

Cincinnati had structural segregation - I really had little contact with "negros" (as they were called then). There were no blacks out in suburbia. 

BUT .. I got slapped by Dad once for referring to a black as "n*gg*r". So there was no tolerance for racism in my family.