5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California

Planned Parenthood sued the makers of videos showing their personnel selling the "tissue" of aborted babies... "While the trial hasn’t started yet, this whole legal process has proved to be a huge mistake for Planned Parenthood, as it has already produced one insanely embarrassing revelation after another for them. Here are the five craziest things uncovered so far in court" - The Cripplegate

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....is apparently that the defense would never actually find a lawyer who, you know, "knew the law".  If the facts are as stated in this article, I would dare say that this whole process could end up with the disbarment or even imprisonment of Loretta Lynch, Kamala Harris, and Xavier Becerra.  What's listed here are some pretty egregious abuses of the prosecutorial power which make what Mike Nifong did pale in comparison.   Prosecutorial power is not supposed to be a bludgeon to use against one's political enemies, and Becerra--a Stanford Law grad--should know this.  Harris also has a history of tolerating prosecutorial misconduct and was rebuked for the same in court as a federal judge threw out a number of convictions obtained by prosecutors under her leadership.

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