Is There Any Heavenly Good in Our Earthly Labor?

"I never thought of anything I did at Woolworth’s as accomplishing anything truly good. I was certain such labor was far from heavenly. My perspective was: “This work stinks!” (And many nights, it literally did because of the volume of trash.) ...Looking back on that first job, I wish I had grasped at least one or two heavenly threads about our human labor." - TIFWE

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Good article.  The one thing I would point out that is not as succintly stated in the article is that God is a being that works.  He is constantly working.  It defines who God is.  Not only is it outlined in the very first verse of Scripture, but the entire purpose of Scripture is to outline the work of our Lord.  Granted in most cases he is not subjugated to the challenges that sin has brought, but He did become man and for a period of time was subjected to the impact of sin on His work.  We will be working in heaven as well, while we will be free of the effects of sin and while we only get a glimpse of it in Scripture, it is clear that it is a core part of God's nature and just like the rest of His nature will impact our future with Him.