Role of deacons changing as churches embrace missional focus

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If the Bible is no longer the guide for church administration, why not jettison deacons for something that "works" better?

G. N. Barkman

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The article does not describe a uniform shift, but rather notes that some churches are extending the traditional role of deacons into some roles traditionally held by elders/pastors, like congregational outreach, while others are more or less extending the diaconate to those who may or may not qualify for the office.  Obviously what I think about it depends a LOT on which approach is being used.  I'm all for making sure deacons have a spiritual ministry in addition to looking at reports and approving budgets and the like, but we need to be very careful about approving people for a deacon-like role without the 1 Timothy screening.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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My Evangelical Free church has a lead pastor and multiple elders. We don't have deacons. I actually went around to the elders one Sunday and asked them if they felt their duties were more "pastoral" or "deaconlike." Their answers were a mix of both. We also have something called a "ministry council," but I've never considered it to be some sort of replacement for deacons. As Awana Commander, I'm a member of it, as is the Sunday School Director, the men's ministry leader, the women's ministry leader, the nursery director, the head usher, the head kitchen person (who I'm sure is called something other than head kitchen person), and a few others. Each elder has a ministry area or two that they are directly responsible for. At the ministry council meetings, we share needs of each ministry, pray for everyone's ministry, and get information that may affect all our ministries.