Joel Osteen Sails Luxury Yacht Through Flooded Houston To Pass Out Copies Of ‘Your Best Life Now’

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I think that this might fall safely under the category... "Too Soon".

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It seems some Christians hate Joel Osteen more than they love the truth. I’d expect that from the world, but I hoped for better in the church.


So we are clear, Osteen and I are not on the same page theologically. And I have serious problems with the prosperity gospel. Furthermore, his platitudes and lifestyle have not helped in this moment.

But do we have to join the deluge of hatred toward him for what is a questionable situation—at best?

In other words, I get people upset about Osteen’s theology and approach to his work. But why are so many Christians joining in on spreading a false narrative about his actions in Houston?

Some Facts

Apparently, Osteen had canceled church on Sunday and the church indicated (perhaps inarticulately) that the church was impassible. (They did not say it was flooded, though who needs to worry about facts when we hate someone, right?) The church directed their people, and presumably others, to take shelter with friends, family, or at the George Brown Convention Center.

As the waters rose in Houston, social media spread the word that Lakewood Church, housed in a 16,800 seat arena, was turning people away who were seeking shelter.

Nope. They said that is not what happened.

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Nah.  Osteen's doctrines of prosperity gospel are beautifully rebuked by the invisible rabbit pidddling all over Houston.  (Jim's dream acting job)

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.