An Evangelical Response to David Gushee’s RNS Essay “On LGBT Equality”

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It strikes me that Gushee really has set up a false dilemma.  It is either "be treated as full equals" or "discrimination".  Now if I treat any other man as an equal, an integral part of that is the content of his character, as Dr. King noted.  Have something of a "history" of how one treats young ladies?  I'll not be introducing you to my daughters, sir.  Known for cheating in business?  You will not get any orders from me if I can avoid it, and if I can't, I'll be keeping you on a short leash.  

More or less, the "deal' being offered by some homosexual rights activists is that not only will they get to call their relationships marriage, but they will also get to discriminate through the courts against anyone whose evaluation of their character is negative.  And that's a scary reality.  It's not equality being requested, but rather immunity from human norms being demanded.

Which is, as I read the history of San Francisco's Castro district since WWII, par for the course.  To draw a picture, it's not Hugh Hefner that dares to start a Folsom Street Fair.  What other group could get away with that kind of thing?  (if you're not familiar with it, Folsom features very public sexualized nudity, as well as other things not exactly mentionable here....don't look it up if you get queasy easily)

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