Tuition Is Rising and Enrollment Is Holding. So Why Are Christian Colleges Struggling?

"That’s the crux of the crisis—in order to attract students, schools are bringing in less money due to discounted tuition while at the same time spending more on upgrades. And they haven’t even reached the cliff." - TGC

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Drowning in red

Historic Christian colleges like Nyack College are facing financial crises that are forcing big changes. Some haven’t survived

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Aaron NYACK sold their whole Hudson River front Campus and is moving to downtown NY.  To my knowledge their old campus is right next to the new bridge on the Hudson.   Maybe Bert could shed some light on this.  If that property sold it’s probably worth some big bucks ie condo and marina.   They are now going to downtown NYC which is no bargain so they probably broke even.  

What used to be a polluted  river is now clean.  Just like the Rairiton Bay in North NJ, which used to be one big toilet bowl and is now clean.  All those busted up blue color towns on the water in NJ and NYC are experiencing a big time building boom.  I go fishing out of one of the towns and their building all over the place and attracting a lot of new residents.  Probably a good area to church plant in.  

As far as NYACK’S enrollment or tuition. I don’t know.  I’m guessing 40 Gs a year for the sticker price, which is about the same for Gordon and Wheaton.  I wonder how their enrollment is doing compared to Liberty Cedarville and BJU.