"It’s not the government's business to control every aspect of how a person balancing work and family parents their children."

"... these emotions are caused by a larger problem, one stemming from the rise of nosy people and big government joining forces against parents who are simply trying to be relaxed, efficient, or create a sense of independence in their kids."- W. Examiner

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I've seen a fair number of people pushing back at the nanny state this way.  For example, one time when my son cut himself and we took him to the ER, the doctor who helped him showed off all of HIS scars from the silly things he'd done as a kid.  Message conveyed; your son will get stitches, but you will not get a visit from Social Services.  

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The author has a point, but there is really no need to ever leave the kids in the car alone. What you do is pay at the pump... and plan your grocery, etc., shopping so that you stock up when the kids are at home w/the other spouse or in the store with you or with a sitter.

Admittedly harder for a single parent.

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It's worth noting that injuries and deaths due to kids in hot cars are first of all thankfully rare, and are second of all mostly cases where a single mom went to work and forgot to drop off her child in daycare.  A large portion of those are where the child is in the middle of the back row of the SUV or minivan--a place where it's hard to see (especially when the child is facing backwards), and also a place where the government said we should put our children to be safest.  

In other words, there is a lot that government can do to stop getting kids killed in hot cars, and it starts with them stopping encouraging single parenting, stopping subsidies for daycare, and considering the outcomes of their own vehicle safety guidelines.

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