Catholic Church Now Formally Opposes Death Penalty In All Cases

"It's a shift for the church, which used to consider the death penalty a "means of safeguarding the common good" in response to 'certain crimes.'" - Church Now Formally Opposes Death Penalty In All Cases

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Death Penalty Still Permissible For People Who Drive Slowly In The Left Lane, Pope Francis Clarifies

Whereas prior Church teaching allowed the death penalty in certain cases, the Catechism now teaches that the punishment is always impermissible. “Except,” said a Vatican spokesman, “for those reprobate souls who just hang out in the left lane as if nobody else has anywhere to be.”

The decision has angered some conservative Catholics, who favor applying the death penalty in wider circumstances. “What about that guy who brings his guitar to a party and totally ruins everyone’s good time?” one traditional Catholic asked. “Or those people who insist on making small talk while in line at the grocery store?”

It is unknown whether Pope Francis will also call for the death penalty for people who wake the whole neighborhood up mowing their lawns at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, but sources close to the Pontiff state he’s leaning toward the affirmative.

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Mohler's commentary on this issue, and the contrast between the RCC's reliance on tradition and the apostolic model of scriptural authority and sufficiency, is excellent.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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A convicted killer beat a Minnesota prison guard to death with a hammer he checked out of the prison shop and stabbed him with a homemade knife during an attack last month, prosecutors alleged Thursday.

Prosecutors charged Edward Muhammad Johnson, 42, in Washington County court with second-degree murder and second-degree assault. He is scheduled to appear in court Friday.

Johnson is accused of fatally beating 45-year-old Officer Joseph Gomm with a hammer on July 18 at a state prison in Stillwater.

The attack happened in an industrial building housing the vocational programs at the state’s flagship prison. A bloody hammer was found on the floor near the fatally injured Gomm, the complaint said.