Moore: Pope's reasoning wrong on death penalty ban

Moore emphasizes "the distinction the Bible makes between the innocent and the guilty," adding, "The gospel shows us forgiveness for the guilty through the sin-absorbing atonement of Christ, not through the state's refusal to carry out temporal justice." BPress

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IMO, is that many doubt that trials in general are fair, and instead of the obvious solutions--punish prosecutors who withhold evidence (e.g. Mike Nifong) as harshly as they intended to punish their victims--we're messing around by saying, apparently, that wrongly being subjected to life in prison is OK, but the death penalty is not.  

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It's not just a matter of withholding evidence either. There is not a judge overseeing the Plea Bargaining process so the prosecutors practice severe coercion. This is actually my son's affirmative case in team policy debate this year and I have to admit I was shocked at what prosecutors can get away with.