Opening the Door for Compromise

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.....anyone ever hear where Mr. Ham goes to church?  One of the nice things about him is that he's doing decent work to re-awaken us (well me at least) to the need for coherent systematics and the implications of one theological decision on another, but he's an enigma to me regarding where he goes to church.

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I've had many reservations about Mr. Ham over the years but sometimes he makes a good point. Bible believing Christians have opposing views on some issues like eschatology, soteriology, polity, etc. In the debate on those issues, the opposing sides each claim to have Biblical warrant for their positions. In the young/old earth or day/age debates, Biblical backing appears to be minimal to non-existent for one side.

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When Ken Ham first moved to the USA and lived in San Diego, he attended an IFCA church, I believe the one pastored by Henry Morris' son. According to an article published last year, he attends Florence Baptist Church in Florence, KY. If it's the Florence Baptist I think it is (Florence Baptist at Mt. Zion), then it's SBC.


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