56% of Americans support more regulation of major technology companies

"Growing shares of Americans think major technology companies should face more government regulation, and a majority say that these firms have too much economic power and influence" - Pew

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What you see here is the influence of Trump colliding in a way that aligns with Democrats.  The historical Republican position is less regulation and control of industry, whereas Democrats seek more things like Unions, breakups, regulations, more taxes...

What we see here, is the frustration that Trump had with companies, specifically social media companies that did not peddle his narrative.  Even though at the end of the day Facebook was actually creating echo chambers based on preferences that was reinforcing the beliefs of the viewers, not suppressing them.  But that didn't matter.  Trump peddled a narrative that these types of companies were bad and should be regulated more.  Those Republicans that aligned with Trump (Conservative Republicans as indicated in the polls), flipped the Republican historical stance to one that aligned with Democrats.  The more liberal or moderate Republicans still hold to the classical Republican view of less business regulation.

I find it funny that Republicans are just swinging in the wind on the very breath of Trump.

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It's all about Donald.  It's their platform and business.  If they want you off then your off.  

it's almost the same thing with these people trying to prove you can open carry.   They walk into say Target in a Tactical Outfit Body Armor and AR 15 just to prove a point even if the company posts a sign no firearms allowed.  It's their business and property you have no constitutional right to carry a gun on private property.  They can ask you to leave and get you arrested if you don't.  Again those social media platforms are private domains they can decide who gets on it and who doesn't.  

I can't believe people are going for this for Trump.  That's the only reason.  Trump is impaired to bad or Thank God he is.  Kind of fun to see his silly little press releases that he tries to make it look like he still is the President.   

Someone help me here didn't Trump Suck up FL GOVENOR pass a State law trying to punish them in FL for doing that.  Did not the US Supreme Court already throw it out.  So if what I'm saying is true it's a dead issue unless legislation is passed.  I don't see the Democrats going along with that.