9 Things You Should Know About Mainline Protestantism

"...just as 'evangelical' has become a synonym in the public mind with 'conservative white Protestants,' this survey shows that 'mainline' has come to mean 'non-evangelical Protestant.'" - TGC

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10.  Mainline Christians in rural areas and small towns are often theologically evangelical, but choose not to separate from the denomination.  This is sometimes a matter of "the denomination owns the building."

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Bert you are very right.  However I did see a Study that was cited in article that the young Evangelicals are rejecting the Evangelical Church, because of their diehard involvement in the Christian Right and with Trump.   The article sighted a study which puts White Evangelicals now at only 14 % of the US population and shows an uptick of Mainline Protestant Churches growth.  In fact their numbers are larger then the White Evangelical Churches. People are voting with their feet seems to me.  

in Western Pa the Episcopal  Church has a history of being Evangelical and Conservative.  The Eastern PA Churches are mostly Liberal.  In fact the prior Bishop in Eastern PA caused a lot of problems by marrying Gays etc.  Even the Liberals could not stand him.  However to Bert's point just because they are mainline churches it does not mean they don't preach the gospel.