Ten Roadblocks to Church Revitalization

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...my take is that the big issue is generally that no theology, or a wrong theology, is to blame.  Personally, I get excited at the Reformation.  I get excited to contemplate the sufficiency of God and His Word.  What I've seen in three failing churches is that the agenda of man got in the way.  In one, it was evangelical feminism.  In another, it was KJVO and Trail of Blood.  In a third, it was "fundagelical culture of big pastors."  

And along those lines, you know some thing is seriously wrong when you point out that one of those big pastors ignored the criticality of the Trinity when talking with T.D. Jakes in Elephant Room 2, and they don't care.  

So I disagree to a significant extent with Rainer here; he's got a good list of the symptoms, but I dare suggest the core issue with dying churches is they're about the agendas of man instead of the agendas of God.  

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