What Don Lemon’s Declaration about Jesus’ Sinfulness Actually Reveals

"If you go on Twitter (enter at your own risk) you will see many rebukes of Don Lemon. Many Christians responded in shock at Don Lemon’s claims about Jesus’ imperfections. But I wonder if many stopped to think about what his declaration actually reveals about Christianity at large in America." - Cripplegate

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One thing that strikes me is that a lot of people, when rejecting faith in Christ, will say that they love Jesus but can't stand His followers.  Lemon goes a step further in suggesting Christ is sinful, IMO.  Not completely new--see "The Last Temptation of Christ"  (or don't, even better)--but that does place him as an outlier.

And on the light side, I disagree that CNN is a complete waste.  They give the Babylon Bee a run for their money many days.  :^)

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