“Is the coronavirus God’s judgment for sin? The answer must be yes.”

“All the effects of the curse are God’s judgment upon the sin of humanity, and [are] God’s continual, providential engagement with creation (cf. Isaiah 24:1-13, Lamentations 3:37-39). God’s involvement in governing creation has not ceased upon the introduction of sin, but continues …When the scourge of the curse befalls his people, our reaction should be to evaluate our lives in light of God’s holy judgment.” - Ref21


He’s got a point—more than one—but is this usually what people mean when they ask “Is this God’s judgment?”

Seems like what usually prompts the question is claims like “Coronavirus is God judging America for…” or “God’s judgment on the world for…” and then the “for” part is something specific (often a speaker’s pet peeve) not sin in general.

And sometimes people are asking “Is my own illness God’s judgment on me?”

The article answers this, though:

In John 9, Jesus is asked by his disciples about a man who had been blind since birth, “Teacher, who sinned to cause this man to be born blind, him or his parents?” The disciples were aware of the curse of sin and concluded that sin caused the blindness of the man. But then Jesus corrects their underlying assumptions: “It was not that this man or his parents sinned, but that God might manifest his works in him.” Jesus’ words here warn against discerning specific, immediate causes for suffering apart from divine revelation.

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