Canada marijuana law calls for 'aggressive' church response

"Canada's nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana, said a Canadian Baptist leader, should spur churches to adopt a 'more aggressive approach' to warning believers about the spiritual and physical dangers of drug use." - BPNews

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As far as I can tell, the experience in Colorado and elsewhere is that while a fair number of dopers moved to "legal" states so they could smoke dope there, natives didn't join them unless they were already smoking.  People could very well find that the law is a huge bonus because those who are using aren't hiding it anymore, and hence they are open to discussing why they use it, which would allow pastors to reach into their lives in a way they never could before.  Self-medication involves (necessarily) some kind of malady, no?  It all depends on how you work it, really.  


Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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When it comes to marijuana or other recreational, mind-altering drugs, the safe, wise, prudent answer is, “Just Say No!”

Churches, whether in Canada or America, should be saying that much more often than they have. 

A good place to gain information is, The American Council on Addiction and Alcohol Problems:

David R. Brumbelow