Court's order 'great concern' for religious liberty

"The justices' refusal to review the federal appeals court opinion apparently will force the closure of the pharmacy involved and the departure from the profession or state of the pharmacists in the case." BPNews

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has been that there was no persecution of the Christian church in the US. Perhaps that is correct. But, things have moved in that direction quickly in recent years. Especially if Hillary wins the White House, many people will soon have to be fully acceptant of abortion, homosexuality, and same sex marriage or be fined and fired. I think in short order people will serve jail time under claims of discrimination and hate crimes.

If Trump wins, who knows...

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....when our approach to "Jim Crow" laws was not simply to repeal them, but also to declare any number of businesses "public accommodations" that were required to serve everyone.  In other words, we created a provision in the law where a business could no longer decide who it would do business with, and this is now being extended to dictate what products certain businesses must carry.

The good side is that it opened up the lunch counter to blacks and other minorities more quickly than otherwise would have occurred--really most restaurants and hotels.  The bad side is what we're seeing now.  

The bright side of it all is that it illustrates what moral conservatives have been saying for decades; there is no such thing as a law that is not legislation of morality.  It maybe legislation of good/Biblical morality, it may be morally ambiguous, or it may be a legislation of immorality (as in this case), but as Romans 13 tells us, all law is moral law.  That is why we give government "the sword."

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