Mr. Thompson and the Vicar Invent Children's Church

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Just watch it.  We keep kids away from the rest of us until they're in their twenties, and then when they're out of college or high school, we wonder why they take the hint.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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You have to watch the Lutheran Satire video on St. Patrick explaining the Trinity. Hilarious!

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I'm deeply grateful to this day for the gifted, dedicated, and highly effective children's church workers who simultaneously (1) blessed my parents with a portion of one service a week (out of three) to focus entirely on the Scriptures rather than on me and my siblings in the pew and (2) led me in memorizing dozens of verses I remember to this day, explained the gospel to me dozens of different ways (a huge part of my ability to articulate it well today), and taught to me to find any Scripture reference in the Bible in less than two minutes (back in the day, we found most of them in less than 30 seconds).

That experience has been priceless in my life. I only wish some of them were around to thank... but I don't even know any of their names.  

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