Publisher asserts China tariffs could lead to ‘Bible tax’ in US

"The parent company of the two largest Bible publishers in the United States has warned the Trump administration that proposed tariffs on China would amount to a 'Bible tax.'" - Baptist Standard

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Print them in the USA and it's fixed.


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My take is that if we like having products from overseas, perhaps those goods ought to be taxed to pay for a portion of our Navy, Coast guard, ports, and border enforcement.  And let's be honest; even a 25% tariff amounts to just a few bucks extra on a Bible, no?  

And as Paul notes, maybe, just maybe, we want to have an incentive to do some things here in the U.S.  The technological issues are largely simply the presses that work well with thin paper, which amazingly can be purchased on the free market and used by any number of closed print shops--like Brown Printing that used to be in Waseca.

A final thought is that I'd have to assume that most of those Bibles aren't being used intensively, as otherwise we'd expect 20 million copies of God's Word each year would not come back void. 

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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The fact is that it is cheaper to print them overseas. I have no problem with that personally.