9 killed at Charleston AME church

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The perp was apparently given the gun by a relative just a month after he was arrested for drugs and trespassing.  He might have gotten a weapon another way, but yikes.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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A fund has been set up, in fact two funds.  Here is the donation information.  Donors can give in one of two ways:


Mother Emanuel Hope Fund.  This city’s fund will provide direct financial support for the funeral and burial expenses of the nine victims of the senseless tragedy. Any funds remaining after the funeral and burial expenses are paid will be donated directly to the Emanuel AME Church for use as determined by its governance board.  Donations to this fund are not tax-deductible.  These can be made in one of three ways.  A website is also in the process of being created, although it may or may not be up-and-running yet.  www.motheremanuelhopefund.com


1.By sending a check to                                                           2.      By stopping by any Wells Fargo Bank nationwide and making a donation to the Fund.

Mother Emanuel Hope Fund

c/o City of Charleston

Post Office Box 304

Charleston, SC  29402


3.   Texting 'prayforcharleston' to 843-606-5995 or go towww.bidr.co/prayforcharleston


Lowcountry Ministries – Reverend Pinckney Fund    This Fund will be administered by the Palmetto Project  (a South Carolina non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of South Carolians).  100% of the funds donated will be used in this community to support local initiatives serving his home church, vulnerable populations and youth projects that Reverend Pinckney was so passionate about.  Decisions on the use of these funds will be made a task force of stakeholders made up of  a member or members of Reverend Pinckney’s family, colleagues, representatives from Emanuel AME Church and other members of our community selected for their specific expertise.  These donations will be tax deductible.  Donations can be made by ….


1.By sending a check to                                                           2.      Or by donating online at the following web site www.palmettoproject.org

Lowcountry Ministries – Reverend Pinckney Fund                    

c/o The Palmetto Project

6296 Rivers Avenue    #100

North Charleston, SC  29406