Huckabee's Sandy Hook comments criticized

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Once again the wisdom of my theology professor Dr. David Plaster stands: Be very careful how you use theodicies or else you'll look like an idiot.  It was also interesting [perhaps "typical" is the better word] that the author of US News piece made a sweeping judgment about American Cultural Christianity and then quoted Martin Marty to support the thesis.  For decades Dr. Marty has been the default theologian of the Media.  Some things just never change.

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We should be hesitant to draw conclusions about theology from a secular news writer. 

A red flag is seen in the first paragraph - the "Southern Baptist Church."  Someone who understood Baptists and Southern Baptists would never use that term.  It is the Southern Baptist churches, or the Southern Baptist Convention.  Also, the SBC ordains no one; that is up to an individual church. 

The article just gives a brief comment by Huckabee and never bothers to give his full comments or explanation. 

For a more fair presentation of Governor Huckabee’s beliefs see the article in Baptist Press:

David R. Brumbelow

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The link is Huckabee trying to back track and explain away his foolish statement. The article in the OP is fair. Huckabee certainly has the right to try and explain his statement but that was a day after he took heat for its awfulness which still does not change his claim or help its wrongness.

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For example, crime rates were relatively low during the 1940s and '50s, and so too were mass murder rates. That was also a time when much of the country saw high rates of marriage, births, jobs, home ownership, church attendance and other pro-social indicators. The generally favorable social conditions over the past 10 to 15 years likewise may have had an impact on crime and, more narrowly, mass public shootings.

Interesting chart...