The SBC Has Been in Decline Since Before I Was Born – And I’m OLD!

"The ACP statistics were released and things are not looking good for the SBC. About the only positive statistic is church planting – there are more of our churches out there. But fewer people are attending them"

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It's fair to say the SBC is on the decline, but it's also fair to say that SBC churches used to vastly over-report membership numbers. An SBC church I went to stopped reporting membership to the SBC because it's none of their business as a missions organization. This is a growing trend. 

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Would anyone care to write a similar article about fundamentalism and its organizations, fellowships, and schools? I'm not trying to be a trouble maker; I'm really interested in the numbers. I remember national meetings of the GARBC and the FBF as well as the World Congress of Fundamentalists 20 to 30 years ago. What are they like now?

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