Should Christians think biblically about our politics or think politically about our faith?

"The church, the body of believers, has a key role in the political process. But that role has to be marked by humility and reflection. It also has to be marked by a commitment to be more faithful to the Word of God than we are to either political party." - Bill Haslam

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We are supposed to pursue justice, provide for widows and orphans, and fight oppression, but we are not told about the best form of government to do all of that.

I think expecting these things to be accomplished through government might be part of the problem. The New Testament doesn't tell us to be political policy influencers and to change the world through government. We can try to shape policy to fit these goals, but the real work is meant to be done by individual Christians, and more broadly, through the church. Many Christians/churches are completely tangled up in American politics and would do well to cut those political ties and focus on what Christians/churches are called to do.

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Bulls eye for Ken!

G. N. Barkman