A Filmmaker's View Of The Trials Of Kent Hovind

The Juror Who Freed Kent Hovind Steps Forward

Embattled Young Earth Creationist, Kent Hovind, Doctor Dino, has said that he is going to throw a big barbecue when he is released from prison. As it stands now that will be August 9th at the latest. If I was planning the party I could think of several candidates for guest of honor.

Don Camacho was the foreman of the jury in Kent Hovind’s trial in March. He held out against eleven others who wanted to convict Kent and his codefendant Paul Hansen on all charges. The single count against Kent Hovind that Camacho agreed to as a compromise was thrown out by Judge Rodgers. The saying goes that success has a thousand fathers and of course Kent Hovind’s supporters give all the glory to God, but when it comes to freeing Kent Hovind, if there was one guy in the right place at the right time to do what the Hovinidcators would see as the right thing, it was Don Camacho.