Parachurch Groups and the Issues of Influence and Accountability

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A very thorough and thoughtful discussion.  I hope in gets widely read in the right circles.

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Many of his charges against para-church organisations are just as applicable to local churches.  e.g

1. Parachurch Organisations Can Be Vulnerable to Cults of Personality  (so can local churches)

2. Parachurch Groups Can Give Power and Influence to Those Who Do Not Biblically Qualify for Such  (His charge that unqualified people can use technology to influence para-churches is equally applicable to local churches).   It is an important issue that is raised, it is just not justification against para-churches.

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I think his closing section is the most important. Parachurch ministries should come along side the church and help the church fulfill the role God has called the church to fulfill. Parachurch ministries should not seek do the work God has given to the local church. For instance, as a pastor, I supported camp ministries that built and maintained facilities for churches to rent for summer camp ministry. They usually offered general staff that would cook and clean and maybe lead activities, but the church provided the speakers and counselors for the camp period. I did not support camp ministries that offered a "complete" program with scheduled speakers and counselors recruited by the camp for a full summer's work with visiting churches. While I respect the heart attitude I have witnessed in many of these full-summer camp workers, I have found church-run camps to have more lasting fruit and to be more closely reflective of the instruction provided in scripture. 

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