Podcast: T4G One Last Time

"Together for the Gospel (T4G) directors have announced that they will be meeting for the final time in 2022, triggering a wide-ranging discussion on parachurch organizations. Todd waxes nostalgic as he recalls the many years he attended T4G and how those conferences influenced his life and ministry." - Ref21

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Many media pros have missed a mega-money source backing some big Christian causes

"...Georgia-based National Christian Foundation (NCF), which to date has quietly given $14 billion to 71,000 non-profit groups, $1.3 billion of that last year, in both tiny and huge grants. An Atlanta Journal-Constitution piece recently noted that 'mysterious' operation is 'one of the most influential charities you've never heard of.'" - GetReligion

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“There is a tendency for the parachurch to become ... the functioning church of its participants."

The parachurch ministry "becomes the hub around which the Christian lives of its participants revolve. It is the place to which its people go for fellowship and instructions. It’s “members” are the people to which its participants go in time of crisis. The Bible study, the discipleship group, the prayer group becomes their church." - Ref21

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