"I thank God for Jacobs and for French ...Over and over I have found them to be helpful assessors of contemporary arguments."

"Insofar as liberal proceduralism is the result of specifically Christian convictions about the inviolability of the conscience, and maybe even Reformed convictions about the necessity of the Holy Spirit in conversion; and certainly many biblical commands about gracious speech, love of neighbor, impartiality, and the Golden Rule; then liberal proceduralism should live on." - Mark Ward

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That was some pretty interesting stuff. I agree with the French side of that particular debate. It does seem that there is becoming a more clear line between how to debate against liberalism. Modern liberalism is generally illiberalism and it’s nice to see that even some progressives are pointing it out.

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I appreciated it as well. It's not only genuine conservatism that favors thoughtful debate and freedom of conscience, it's Christianity. We all know that imposing a way of life on people doesn't change what they really believe and is ultimately vain. The role of government in preventing crime and protecting the vulnerable is actually pretty basic.