Answered Prayer in Iraq

Some of you may remember the letter from Capt. Steve Davies that appeared here a few days ago. He is on his second tour in Iraq. He wants to let you know how your prayers for him have been answered in very specific ways. Great Read! You can reach Steve at:


    I am thankful for Pasor Mike putting my email on the Website. I received a bunch of encouraging emails in the days following. I was pretty amazed at what else took place in the next couple of days. In my original email I mentioned our guys getting hit every night and even more than once per night. Well, for two days following the posting of that email we did not have any interdicitons on any of our missions. Even after the two days, what interdictions we did have did not include any injuries. Praise the Lord!!! The emails that were sent to me were filled with promises to continue to pray for us and renewal to commitment to prayer.

    I also mentioned the soldiers that got saved here and I mentioned that I shared the Gospel with my boss and one other NCO who had not yet been saved. I shared the Gospel with my Boss, whose name is Chris, last February. Well, after asking for prayer for these two men…. Yes you guessed it. My Boss got saved. He called me into his office today, and hugged me and told me that earlier that day, he went in to see the Chaplain (who is my close friend) and talked about the conversation that he and I had last February. He told the Chaplain that he was ready to make the decision and asked him to help. They prayed together, cried together, and now we have one more person to baptize. Wow… thank you all for your prayers. He is now worried about his wife who is a very commited Catholic. He is concerned for his two small children too.

    So my prayer request for him have now changed. Please pray now for his family, and for his growth. He has become a dear friend to me over the last 8 months, and not that he is my Brother in Christ and on equal ground I expect that we will be life long friends.

    The other man I asked for you all to pray for, Augustin, has still not been saved. I am excited to see what God does in his life with you of you praying for him back home. This has been a great end to my week. Weeks like this might get someone believing that God answers prayer. WOW!!!

    My love to you all, and my thanks for lifting me and all of us up by the time you spend on your knees.

Love in Christ,


Steven C. Davies


Operations Officer
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