“...our current medical establishment is decades behind in its ineffective and immoral use of aborted fetal tissue for research.”

"The NIH has not funded any fetal tissue trials in over a decade, but approximately $100 million of taxpayer money currently goes toward basic science experiments using aborted fetal tissue. That money would be vastly better spent on ethical research with considerably better chances of success" - W. Examiner

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They haven't continued funding the clinical trials that would up so badly.    I remember the furor--Christopher Reeve and his polo accident, how could any honorable person withhold funding, all that--and it's very striking that 20-30 years later, there are all kinds of adult stem cell treatments, but none from fetal stem cells at all.  It is as if Someone is trying to tell us something.  

It's worth noting as well that the complaint is valid--the NIH appears to be more or less holding out hope that something will turn up.  But given that there are a lot of people out there putting huge amounts of money into medical research--my stepbrother watched as a donor made something like a $25 million donation to investigate a disease that was afflicting his daughter when he was in grad school in the 1990s--it's really not necessary.  Somebody will want to hang his name on this if there's ever something out of this idea. 

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