Rapture: It's No Secret

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I'm more convinced than ever that the best way to study the Bible is to actually, you know . . . read it. You don't need Greek. You don't need a seminary degree. You don't need to be ordained to the Gospel ministry. You just need to be able to read and think.

I, too, heard about the "secret rapture." I remember when I preached through 1 & 2 Thessalonians. I came to "that passage." I studied it. I read it. I outlined what it said, in context. And I sat up in my chair, laid my pen down, and said aloud, "the rapture doesn't sound so secret to me."

This author is correct. It isn't a secret. Scripture doesn't present it as a secret. Yet, Fee (NICNT) claims dispensationalists think it is a secret. Ok . . .

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