“We live in a strange time when fighting for fundamental liberties while treating other human beings respectfully is seen as a sign of weakness.”

"If a person despises me for defending life, filing lawsuits to protect the First Amendment, or deploying abroad to play my own very small part in battling vicious terrorists, then so be it. That’s what some on the Left have done. Some on the new right, however, seem to despise me for not mocking my opponents, not insulting them, and not treating them as less-than-human." - David French

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The rest of that statement... 

We must vindicate our core values without violating our core values, and I don’t want any part in any “conservative” movement that holds otherwise.

Heartily agree. 

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It reminds me of the passage in Perelandra where the devil leverages partial truths to lead the lady astray, and Ransom wants desperately simply to deny the truth (a lie), but knows that he cannot resort to such tactics, even to beat the devil.

Michael Osborne
Philadelphia, PA